Tax Planning

Taxes play a significant role
in your overall plan.

You have sacrificed and set aside savings over the decades for your retirement. However, as you appreciate your hard work and dedication in accumulating your wealth, there’s are obstacles ahead; income tax and pension claw back.

As a result, taxes play a significant role in your overall plan. The tax impact of retirement accounts and portfolio holdings should be reviewed often.

Our team can help you decide...

How much you withdraw from your investments

It is important to determine the amount of income you will be taxed on once you retire. You can decide your taxable income as this can be very different from the cash you receive. Income is taxable and cash flow may or may not be taxable.

How much you withdraw from your RRSP vs. TFSA vs. Non-Registered

You can have a lower taxable income by having the right mix of fully taxable, low tax and tax-free incomes.

How tax-efficient your investments are while considering capital gains vs. interest income

If you have non-registered investments, the type of investment affects your ability to stay in a low tax bracket. You can receive income from your non-registered investments as interest, dividends, capital gains, or deferred capital gains, depending on how you invest.

When to start your RRIF, work pension and government pensions (CPP, QPP and OAS)

For higher-income seniors, their Old Age Security (OAS) is clawed back at 15% of their income from $75,000-$121,000. Therefore, the timing of investment withdrawals is key to cash flow planning.

Guided by our investment tax planning principals, our team will position your investments to
optimally manage taxes so that investors keep more of what they earn.


In this way we utilize 4 pillars of investment tax planning;
Step 1

Split Income

Who’s spousal income can be taxed the lowest?

Step 2

Shelter Taxes

Striking the right balance between TFSA vs. RRSP.

Step 3

Deferred Taxes

The later in life investors pay taxes, the more money can work for them.

Step 4

Preferred Taxes

Certain investments are taxed more favorably than others, and certain investment accounts can be established to minimize taxes.


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Blvd. Daniel-Johnson,
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514-447-9976, Ext. 222