Mission & Approach

We build and apply a concrete plan of actions that will help you improve your finances while considering your life goals, assets and liabilities, investment style, expectations in terms of financial independence, as well as any need you may have related to succession and philanthropy.


We offer tailored solutions from a wide scope of investment choices. This approach is customized to your needs and objectives. As a full-service with a brokerage firm, we have access to all types of market investments. Such a great deal of latitude, combined with our know-how, allows us to build portfolios suited to your personal situation, investment preferences and social values. In this way, we focus on investment planning, estate planning, and retirement cash flow planning.

Our typical clients are successful and affluent professionals.

Entrepreneurs and business owners Health Professionals Engineers Corporations
Lawyers High Level Executives, CEO, VP, Directors Top Level Athletes

Retirement Planning

Projection and analysis of retirement income Analysis of retirement needs Retirement allowance TFSA or RRSP  RRIF or LIF – RESP Education Savings Plan Goal setting Analysis of CPP and OAS

Personal Mission

We understand that organizing your finances is about numbers, facts and human beings. It is important for me to tell you what you can
expect from me and what I stand for as an investment advisor:


Never linking your investments to risks we haven't carefully profiled and determined as appropriate to your unique circumstances.


Helping you understand every aspect of your portfolio and financial situation.

Giving you absolute control on your accounts

Using very strict approved and authorized procedures.

Working on
what matters

Identifying your success key factors and by helping you ask the right questions.

Honesty, integrity and good advice

These are the core values at the heart of all facets of work for our clients.

Services Approach

  • Customized reporting based on your needs.
  • You are assured of completely independent investment advice.
  • We will meet with you on a consistent basis to review your file and update your goals.
  • You are assured that any request you place will be attended immediately.

Before and after implementing the appropriate strategies, it is essential for us to understand your needs, and aspirations. This learning process sets the stage for successful long-term relationship and gives us a firm foundation to build upon.


Our use of advanced planning techniques, matched with seamless execution capabilities will help articulate your aspirations and develop dynamic strategies to optimize.


2025 Blvd. Daniel-Johnson,
Suite #525
Laval QC,
H7T 1S9


514-447-9976 , Ext. 222



Blvd. Daniel-Johnson,
Suite #525
Laval QC,
H7T 1S9


514-447-9976, Ext. 222