We provide unlimited resources and tools to customize the investment portfolio that is uniquely tailored to each client!

The goal is to optimize a strategy that; lowers investment fees, investment risk, and taxes.

Products and services include:
  • Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds
  • Pension plans: (Group RRSP, personal RRSP, TFSA)
  • US Dollar and Canadian Dollar; Non-Registered Portfolios
  • Corporate & Holding-Company Investment Accounts
Tax efficient investment planning (IPP, Corporate Class, Retirement Cash-Flow Planning)
  • Banking and mortgage products (Manulife Bank)
  • Monthly savings plans
  • Monthly withdrawal plans
  • Online client access

Investment Planning

Taxes play a significant role in your overall investment plan. The tax impact of retirement accounts and portfolio holdings should be reviewed often.

  • Develop income tax strategies (key concepts: income splitting, spousal RRSP, deregistering, trust…)
  • Recommend plans and techniques to limit tax liabilities
  • Structure your portfolio

Registered accounts:
It is important to keep interest and dividend paying investments inside your registered accounts so any potential income remains tax sheltered.

Non-Registered accounts:
All income of non-registered investments should be capital gain oriented. We strongly recommend you a buy and hold strategy in these accounts in line with your risk tolerance. Remember that a tax advantage will never turn a bad investment into a good one.

Investment & Retirement

Understanding and managing the financial implications of your retirement is one of the most complex financial challenges you may face. Once you are a Manulife Securities client, we will start analyzing the structure of your retirement savings (registered vs. non-registered), projecting your retirement income, and, finally, advising you on the tax ramifications of your situation.

Recommend strategies that best suit your income tax, investment, estate and cash flow planning situation.

Provide you with our retirement lifestyle analysis that will incorporate your sources of income, required and potential spending needs, various economic scenarios and tax considerations into a long-term cash flow analysis.

Determine elections for your retirement plans, including lump sum payouts vs. annuities, and joint survivor vs. single-life distribution arrangements.

Wealth Management Planning

Your first step will be to meet with experienced professionals. Over a series of meetings, we will prepare a detailed analysis of your current investment portfolio and plan to determine whether it will achieve your goals.

Ongoing Recommendations
Once our analysis is complete, we will explain how your estate plan will unfold, what your beneficiaries can expect, and our recommendations on how it might be improved to meet your goals. If you choose to accept our recommendations, we will work with your attorney to implement a new estate plan or incorporate techniques to complement your existing plan.

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